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BA and MA (10/2004-10/2011) 

National Academy of Arts and Architecture. Kiev, Ukraine.

Majored in Book Illustration and Graphic Design

MD in Early Childhood Education (b-2 grade) 

New York, Brooklyn (2015-2017)















Sept. 2011 – Febr. 2013


Actively participated in a team and individual projects

creating advertisement and commercials in the full media

spectrum.Endorsed in the process of creating illustrations for products, packaging, sites etc. Worked to commercial briefs and came up with creative concepts to persuade a client's intended audience, adjusting the mood and style of images accordingly. Responsible for  dozens of storyboards for video commercials.




2005-untill Present time

Created and developed a career business from scratch. Made illustrations and graphic design, provided consultation services. Maintained great long-term relations with lots of clients.

Types of projects: storyboards, technical, medical,editorial and commercial illustrations, infografics, web design, logos, banners ads, package design etc.

FORBES. Kiev, Ukraine (11/2009-08/2012)

LQ, Women magazine. Kiev, Ukraine (03/2008-11/2008)

Created concept behind illustrations for business and fashion articles

Let’s Design it! VA, USA (09/2011-present)

Graphic designer for  web-sites, I-Pad games, commercial illustrations 

EMpower. NY, USA (08/2013-10/2013)

Illustrator for “Grassroots Girls Initiative Graphic Novella Series”

KOLO-marketing group, Kiev, Ukraine (08/2009 -03/2010)

Layout Artist

Grani-T publishing. Kiev, Ukraine (02/2006-11/2010)

Solo illustrator of several children colored published books


Znannya. Kiev, Ukraine (08/2007-02/2008)

Worked with a team of illustrators in a joint project

DESPRO. Swiss-Ukrainian social project (08/2012-10/2012)

Graphic Designer for a book “Chepurik-environmentalist”

Romyaldo del Bianco foundation, Florance, Italy, illustrator (10/2006)





Finalist, Top 20 Ukrainian Artists, SNAC. SF, CA, USA (04/2013)

Winner of the Art Department (TAD) scholarship. SF, CA, USA (06/2011)

Selected artist for “The Best 222 young illustrators from former USSR” (09/2012)

Honorable award, International Competition of Contemporary Arts.

Kiev, Ukraine (11/2009)

Best Illustrator nominee for “the Dragon”, Shvarc. Obraz Knigi. Moscow, Russia (09/2009)

Selected artist for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Bologna, Italy (01/2008)




Photoshop CS5

Illustrator CS5



Main Clients

Reviews from clients :


"...The illustrations are bright, colorful, original in a unique style and not only illustrate the words, but give so much detail that one can just look at the pictures for their own sake."


"...The book comes alive with beautiful illustrations and imagery which appeal primarily to what the child sees and hears."


"The images do leave a certain lasting impact."


(These reviews are for: Children's Picture Books - Be Quiet Night! from amazon)

Workshops in Brooklyn Public Library , Brighton Beach branch, NY ,USA (03/and, 04/2014)

 Workshops with children in Kiev center "Master-class" , at Ukrainian House, at "Skvorechnik" early learning center,
at the auction house's Corners, on artistic arsenal and etc

 Kiev, Ukraine (2009)




RE” and “CROP”, Weloveyourbooks. Northampton, England (2009)

Solo exhibition “Backstage”

Foundation for Promotion of the Arts, Kiev, Ukraine (03/2010)

“Ukrainian Illustrators Exhibition”, Artist’s Society,Kiev, UA (04/2010)


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