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Published Children Books:

Natalka's amazing adventures in the land of Time

The main character of the story, a schoolgirl Natalya, like most of her peers, dreams of growing up as quickly as possible. How can you speed up the passage of time in order to get around all the troubles of childhood? The author gives such a chance to the heroes of the book and takes them to the land of Time.

The Unicorn

This is a picture book about a toy unicorn that was lost by a boy Max. A text about the Unicorn's sorrows and his loss: how is he without Max? The unicorn does not know how to find a boy. And Max doesn't know how to get the Unicorn back. And only a coincidence leads the Unicorn to Max.

The Jam Jar

How can one save one’s sister who got trapped in a magical jar of jam that she had eaten without sharing with anyone? Can one save a friend who never tidies up his toys? Fairy tales teach you to see what is unusual, interesting and magical in everyday life.

This book was created for the Textworth Ltd. publishing house. There are a lot of illustrations for the nursery rhymes and old English poems.
One winter eve, a stove and a fire were arguing over who was the most important. All the frying pans and embers intervened in the conversation. And only our baby fire took a deep breath and ... Do you know what happens to dreams on a magical night? 

A fairy-tale by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm illustrated for I-pad animation book.

All heroes  in this book are interactive. The Hare and the Hedgehog are moving, jumping, laughing .

Illustrations made in watercolor and pencil .


A fairy-tale by Mike Yu is now available on Amazon. 

These watercolor illustrations got the best reviews from readers: "The illustrations are bright, colorful, original in a unique style and not only illustrate the words, but give so much details that one can just look at the pictures for their own sake".

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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